Sae Wylfing usually goes from event to event on its trailer, but of course is can also float on water.


Here are some brief glimpses of her being launched, travelling to where she will be used and then in use for a filming assignment.

Moving her by water for a short distance can be done under oars, but to travel further it is much quicker to use an outboard.

Being an Anglo-Saxon boat she has no method of attaching an outboard motor, but this can be done on sheltered water by using an inflatable. She behaves very well and is quite maneuverable as she has a shallow draft and no long keel.


In this second video she is being taken from her launching site at Granary Yacht Harbour on the upper reaches of the River Deben downstream. She passes the Sutton Hoo site and then Woodbridge. The distinctive, white Tide Mill can be seen with the Woodbridge Waterfront development under construction to the left of the Mill. The longshed door is open.

At the end of the trip she approaches the pontoons of the Waldringfield boatyard where she is secured.



The filming work meant that the rowers had to be wearing something Anglo-Saxon as the filming was partly from a drone. The Rowing Club and Riverside Trust members were vaguely Anglo-Saxon, whilst the re-enactors were precisely Anglo-Saxon, as they provided their own equipment.