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Why? When? and How?

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A Quest of Discovery?

We can listen to the story of Basil Brown and Mrs Pretty and we can think how exciting it must have been.

We can imagine the ship and the thrill of finding real treasure buried in the ground, but then … we begin to think about this whole event and questions start to come into our minds.


Questions happen quite slowly.

Of all the places to choose to bury a ship, why choose this hilltop? Why this one? Why not another one?

Surely there were other easier places? Burying a whole ship is such a difficult thing to do, isn’t it? Why here?


How long would it take to dig a hole in the ground big enough to put a ship in it? That’s a lot of work.

If I have a bucket and a spade, how long would it take?


When was it? How long ago? If somebody tells me the year will it mean anything to me? Was it before the Romans?

Was it after William the Conqueror? When were they around anyway? How much history do I know? When was it?


How rich would somebody have to be to afford to get buried in a ship? Even today? Who do I know who that could afford that?



Questions    ...    Questions     ...    Questions

These questions are only the beginning.


There are answers, but there are lots of them. Nobody can tell you everything in just one sentence. Nobody can tell you all you want to know … NOW … in the next ten minutes. It is not as simple as that. This ship is in the middle of such a long story. It is an amazing story, because burying a ship is such an amazing thing to do, so to find all the answers to all of the questions you have to be a bit like a detective piecing the clues together.



No sooner do we find the answer to one question, than another one will pop up.

If you want to know ALL the answers prepare to go on a quest of discovery, but this is such a BIG story where should we begin?


What do I know about history and dates?

Time to find out …


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